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 Wednesday, December 01, 2004
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I will be presenting on Web Services Roadmap in Microsoft's Architect Forum on the 3rd Dec 2004 Friday (yes, short notice...Thanks Microsoft Singapore ).

The topic of the forum is ".NET Architecture for Enterprise Agility". This forum is divided into 2 tracks namely ".NET Enterprise Architecture" and the "Service-Oriented Architecture".

I will also meet up with Enterprise Customers who are considering more extensive use of Web Services and who are interested in finding out more as well as to understand what is in the pipeline from Microsoft for Advanced Web Services, its plans and progress.

I hope to be able to answer questions from the architects from the enterprise organizations on the suitability of this growing standard for each specific scenarios.

If I have the time, I would really hope to be able to touch on the offerings of Indigo as well to the audience.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004 5:33:23 AM (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)  #    Disclaimer 
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