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 Saturday, April 30, 2005
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With reference to my earlier post here, more details on the conference (SDA.NET 2005) are now publicly available here. This is a paid event and it is rarity in Singapore as technological conferences are usually presented free. BUT I am sure attendees can find a lot of value here as top notch speakers from all over the world will be flying over here to share their industry experience and knowledge.

Who are these speakers, you ask ? There is the famous Ingo Rammer and Clemens Vasters and of course, moi .

I will be making 2 presentations in the VIP Tracks, namely

  • Demystifying WSDL (26 May 2005 1045 hours)

    While developers rely on the many powerful features of today's IDEs, inner technical plumbings are often ignored and worst yet - misrepresented and misunderstood. This ignorance of inner workings can lead developers to choose the wrong technologies and solutions for solving specific problems. Nevertheless, when it comes to troubleshooting the nooks, crannies and crevices at crunch time with no extra help, nothing beats a dirty pair of hands, a hammer and screwdriver. William Tay attempts to get everyone's hands dirty with a detailed look at WSDL, one of the most core and mature XML service technologies of today.

    Topics to be covered include: what is WSDL, WSDL's critical role in service-orientated architecture (SOA), and WSDL's core elements and definitions. He will also survey WSDL best practices (eg. interoperability, extensibility, versioning, etc.) and the application of WSDL concepts in Indigo. The new features and enhanced functionality incorporated into the upcoming release of WSDL 2.0 are explained and compared with the current WSDL version.

    NOTE: This is a (Level 400) deep technical session that is not for the faint-hearted. However, it will be a angle-bracket fest.

  • SOAP Message-based Security: Today and Tomorrow (26 May 2005 1415 hours)

    One of the three key pillars of critical importance in the adoption of SOAP messaging-based services in an enterprise is security. In fact, the security aspect of standards-based messaging system has been singled out by worldwide CXOs as the most inhibiting factor in the mainstream-wide adoption within an enterprise. The ratification of WS-Security 1.0 by OASIS on 6 April 2004 has gone into great lengths to change that perception. William will show how and what you can do to secure your SOAP messaging-based services today. You will also learn how the same standards-based WS-Security Specifications can be used to secure the next generation of distributed web services with Indigo.

    All 3 of us are presenting on Indigo as well. This will be a good time to catch a preview of Indigo and have a feel of what it is all about. I really hope to see a good turnout there and it will be a good time to catch up with Ingo, Clemens and the rest of the folks.

    See you there.

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