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 Sunday, March 04, 2012
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I had posted more than 3 months ago about my little port from WM6.0 to WP7 of my GeoBlog application. This successful port was not made available in the Windows Phone Marketplace as I had stated that there was a need for a back-end Server infrastructure of a web server hosting a simple web service to make this app complete. The push-pin points and locations uploaded will be overlaid on a Google Map, using the Google Maps API, specifically the Javascript SDK. I have no idea at this point in time how to package the back-end Server infrastructure so it is not a complete solution for anyone downloading WP7 GeoBlog without that infrastructure.

Little did I know that there was quite a bit of interest from emails to me about this application and how I can potentially move that backend infrastructure to the cloud. I had also thought about that. However, it is more complicated than that. For example, it would be easy for those with Azure subscriptions. For those without, it would be another process that not many moms-n-pops can deal with today.

Anyways, I had no idea this port would have generated that much interest. It seems that while people like the idea of "blogging" their adventure and vacation trails, quite a few of them didnt like the idea of putting it on a public domain due to privacy concerns. My app worked that way because that data collected is private - both on the phone and on the server back-end.

The surprising interest also came from the fact that mobile broadband (3G, 3.5G) penetration is on the rise, much more than I thought. With telcos setting up bridge domains and more alliances with each other over country boundaries, costs would only go down.

I am still thinking on how I could package the whole solution before I make it public to the marketplace. To those who have gotten the app and the scripts from me and successfully set up their hosting infrastructure, whether it is at home or at hoster's, Thank you for your support. I am glad that you have enjoyed and benefitted from the application as much as I have.

Stay tuned for more little enhancements to this WP7 GeoBlog app.

Saturday, March 03, 2012 10:25:10 PM (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)  #    Disclaimer 
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