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 Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Some of these Shareware applications are not designed for a free-trial period version, and therefore, are not available for downloads. If you want to see and try them out before purchasing, please email me and I will liaise with you personally for your copy. Thank you for your understanding.

Remisier Management & Information Tool (RMIT) © 2000 About
Trades Calculator Professional (TCalPro) © About

Remisier's Management & Information Tool

RMIT 2000 is a database program which I developed using MS Access 2000 on Visual Basic platform for the Dealer's Representatives (DRs) of the Member Companies of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). The purpose of this application is to track and maintain the portfolio and personal information of the dealers' clientele.

RMIT 2000 serves as a very useful tool for the DRs as they can have all information relating to the trading activities of their clients at their fingertips. Every single stock transaction is calculated to their final nett value by a special in-built calculator that incorporates the necessary cost of Brokerage, Clearing Fees and Goods & Services Tax into the Gross value. All information entered and calculated pertaining to client's personal details and portfolio are kept in the database for needed references and timely retrievals. With RMIT's various ways of retrievals, DRs can opt to view information of clients and their portfolio through different combinations.

Besides being a great tool for keeping records of clients and trades, RMIT is very useful to the DRs for managing their risk and returns in relating to their clients' trading activities. DRs can, at any one point in time, find out the market exposure of their clients and with this information, take a more pro-active approach in managing their portfolio in accordance with the conditions of the markets at that time. Also, DRs can also keep a cumulative count of the turnover and commission generated by each and every client, therefore giving better preferential treatment and better market rates negotiability  when it comes to better clients.

RMIT can also be used by the clients themselves if they prefer to be more active in managing their own portfolio. All in all, because RMIT combines the use of technology with domain stockbroking knowledge and expertise, it is sure to provide a level of usefulness to either the DRs or the clients who uses it.

Cost: SGD$89.00(neg.)    Email me for a copy

Trades Calculator Professional

Following the development and success of RMIT 2000, I have heeded users' request for a lightweight, portable, special-purpose calculator without the bulkiness of a database. DRs and clients wanted a separate calculator without the database that could calculate nett contract values of all kinds of stock transactions on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). This calculator has to be more comprehensive than the basic built-in calculator in RMIT 2000. RMIT 2000 is built to be a stock transaction database and TCalPro is built to be a stock transaction calculator. In a way, both do what they are good in and they complement each other well.

With the more frequent short-term cyclical movements of the stock markets, DRs and clients took a more short-term investment view of the volatile markets. TCalPro is a small but all-purpose trade calculator that helps DRs and clients make short-term trading decisions fast. All it does is calculate the nett values of both buy and sell contracts and returns the profit/loss with high accuracy but low minimal fuss and user entry.

Users need not bother themselves with all the nitty-gritty Cost details of every contract. It takes time to calculate the nett costs as commissions are of varying percentages of the gross contract value and to make things more complicated, they also incur varying minimum costs. TCalPro makes the job easier by giving you the correct, accurate details FAST while DRs and clients take the time saved to make critical investment decisions as markets can gain and shed hundreds of millions of dollars in a single minute.

TCalPro is specifically made for short-term investors, proprietary and house and day traders and stockists alike. These people often hold huge stock positions anytime anyday but they take only a day's view and seldom carry these positions overnight. TCalPro understands the stress these traders go through and incorporates many useful features that takes away the unproductive work away from these traders while they focus on the more productive work of keeping track of the latest news, gossips and tick charts.

One particular feature worth mentioning which received positive feedback and compliments is the TGenerator Function of TCalPro. This Function gives the user a bird's-eye-view of all profit/loss at every single bid (Up to 25 bids) below and above the reference price with a single click of a mouse. All in all, because TCalPro combines the use of technology with domain stockbroking knowledge and expertise, it is sure to provide a level of usefulness to either the DRs or the clients who uses it.

Cost: SGD$39.00(neg.)    Email me for a copy

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